Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Best Facewash for Acne and Healthy Skin: SebaMed Review

A little over a year ago my mom had gone to Costco where they were having a big product demo and picked me up a bottle of this face wash called Sebamed, for sensitive skin. With things like "same pH as healthy skin - 5.5" written on the bottle it sounded great, even though I had no idea what the hell pH was; it was just the fact that I didn't have healthy skin and whatever magical concoction was in this bottle did! The Sebamed itself is this weird marbally, metallic green looking liquid; it smells a little a funky to me, but I know some people actually like the smell a lot.

I have pretty sensitive skin and the first couple of times I used Sebamed it dried it out just a little bit but oddly my skin felt good still, like it could breathe. I use about three pumps every morning when I shower and it lathers up super good; it gets really bubbly and feels great on your pores, healthy feeling. Just be sure to rinse your face really good because if it gets in your eyes it doesn’t burn but it’ll make them red and dry for an hour or two.

The results for me were fast at first and then slowed down after a few weeks, but progress was always moving in a forward direction so I didn’t mind one bit; on top of that my skin felt amazing too! I can’t say or explain enough the difference you’ll feel in your skin after using this product; your skin feels fresh, it feels healthy, it feels like it can breathe, and that I believe is not only due to excellent formula but the pH balance in Sebamed as well. I continued with it washing both day and night for about 10-12 weeks until I was pretty much clear and acne free; now days I just wash in the morning and my skin is strong enough to take care of itself at night. I remain acne free 90% of the time while using Sebamed and when I do get a pimple or two, that’s all I get, just a pimple or two and they go away quickly; they never get bad either though, no redness or inflammation with Sebamed.

Overall I have to give Sebamed a 9/10 for being such a great product, not just for clearing up my skin but just for the overall skin healthiness it gives you! As a matter of fact Sebamed isn’t even marketed on its bottle that it’s an acne wash at all; the word acne or blemish is nowhere to be found! I know a lot of people including myself who have used harsh “acne washes” in the past were scared to stop using them for fear of the acne coming back, but with Sebamed you don’t have to stop using it! It’s actually better for your skin if you continue to use it rather than something else. You can even use it as a healthy body wash for your skin (I personally never have) it says it clearly on the bottle “Liquid face and body wash”. The only reason I give it a 9 and not a 10 is because it is a little pricier than other washes, but you really do pay for a great quality product! I know you can find it at CVS and I'm pretty sure most every other store that has cosmetics too now; also Costco has it sometimes, and everything at Costco is always bigger and better!

I know Sebamed now has a few other products out there like creams and lotions as well as other washes I believe, but I am yet to try any of them out. So if you’re looking for the next thing to try in tackling your acne or just want a nice, healthy, and gently wash for your skin give Sebamed a try, you won’t regret it!


-          JPC


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