Sunday, August 1, 2010

Blame Biology for Your Acne

I’ve been seeing this commercial a lot lately for this acne treatment cream called Epiduo. I don’t know too much of anything about it, or how well it works, but I did want to point out it’s standpoint on acne. The commercial is all about growing up and maturing into an adult (puberty basically). It shows how it can bring good things, like giving you boobs if you’re a girl, and if you’re a dude you’ll get muscles and so on. But one thing that comes with all of the good is acne, so the whole point of the commercial is don’t blame yourself for your acne “blame biology”! So for most people no matter what they do are just going to have some sort of acne during the puberty/growth period. Some people might get mad when they hear these because it makes them feel hopeless. Others might feel relieved as they can eat or do whatever they want and know that although acne sucks it will go away soon. Now, although your acne is caused because your growing doesn’t mean there isn’t anything you can do to minimize outbreaks and keep your skin healthy! Today we know more than ever about things and treatments that work the best to fight and try and cure acne. So if your acne bothers you to the point where it affects your daily life and how you act I strongly recommend seeing a dermatologist. Who knows maybe you’ll get put on Epiduo!



  1. Cheek skin breaks out is brought about by the development of soil, oil, and debris and jetsam that obstructs pores after some time. While the T-zone—the zone that incorporates the temple, nose, and right down to the jaw—is commonly inclined to oil, cheeks usually will, in general, be progressively dry.

  2. It is assessed that as much as 80% of the populace matured between the age of 11 and 30 will encounter some type of acne. Indeed, even those in the more seasoned age, as old as in their fifties (however more uncommon) can experience the ill effects of acne. laser eye surgery