Thursday, July 29, 2010

Accutane Update Day 63

Im on the third day of taking the 40mg Accutane which was upped from the original 20mg, and so far so good! My skin is looking and feeling like its starting to tighten up again, and as for the problems that I mentioned in the previous have subsided a lot. I think they’ve all gone away because I started taking some melatonin chews to help me sleep at night, and being well rested is helping me stay in a really good mood! The only thing now is that I smashed up my right ring-finger really bad to the point where I think it might even be broken! So I’m bummed out cause I can’t play games, I can’t lift weights, I can’t really do anything with my right hand because my finger is throbbing so bad! I uploaded a video of my finger to youtube, check it out!

Take it easy everyone, I'll update you on my progress in a few days!


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