Monday, July 12, 2010

Does Flying Make You Breakout?

Hey everyone! So I fly/ travel a lot each year; around 4-5 times sometimes more. Most of the time I fly it is usually going to and from New York from Arizona, which is about 5-6 hours. I almost always notice that I break out for the next day or two after flying. Sometimes it can be a bad breakout other times just a few pimples, but something always happens after I get done flying for sure. When I get off the plane my skin is oily and feels really gross and congested almost, like I can literally feel my pores being clogged. No matter if I rinse my face on the plane or as soon as I get home the pimps inevitably will come; it’s pretty damn annoying! I have looked this up on Google but I have not found too much info on what it could be; although there are plenty of other people who experience it too! Some of my guesses for why this could happen are: The change in air pressure for extended amounts of time can cause everything to come out. Or the stress of just the whole going to the airport/security/boarding thing, because it can be very stressful. Another possibility is it could just be exhaustion, at least for me as I usually don’t sleep that much before I fly because I try to get tired so I can sleep on the plane (which never happens I might add). Another could be that I just don’t drink a lot of fluids throughout the whole day when going to the airport and flying, because lets face it who likes to use the bathroom on the plane 10 times (no one!). I will continue to look further into this subject and let you guys know if I happen to find anything. In the meantime though if you have had any of the same experiences, or know something that I don’t then please share! Anything you can say, add, or comment about on this blog is always greatly appreciated and valued!

Have a good one everyone!



  1. I ALWAYS have this happen to me as well and I think it's for the same reasons you said although I wish someone who actually knew would let me know why it happens. It's so annoying because usually I fly to see family in Mexico and the first thing they see are pimples. :-P

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