Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Annoying Blackheads On My Nose!

Does anyone else ever get those stubborn blackheads on your nose that never go away? I try my best to squeeze them all out only to end up with a red, swollen clown-nose, and for what they just come back literally within a day! I have super oily skin in that area and I know that it has to be one of the major contributors to the blackheads. I know a lot of people have this problem too, but I seem to have it the worst out of anyone I know! You can literally see mine from almost across the room, and when I squeeze them out the pores on my nose look huge! Every time my pores fill up with this crap I can’t even breathe right through my nose till I get it out; it’s ridiculous. I swear If I could just get rid of these things alone my complexion would look ten-times better! The Accutane has definitely been helping them go away though, as my pores have slowly begun to shrink so that’s good. I still want to try and get rid of them now though. So I looked around a lot at what kind of things work and the best thing I found were these strips you can put on your nose, and when you peel them off they’re supposed to take out all of your blackheads. Now I know they’ll end up just coming back, but at least I won’t be giving my nose a beating anymore trying to squeeze them out. So I think I’m going to get some and give them a try, and I’ll let you know how things go! Also if you know anyhting on the matter, or any remedies let me know! In the meantime enjoy this video!



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  2. When you will pull away the strip, all the impurities and dirt stick to it. metal nose wire