Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Caveman Regimen Pt. 1

Alright everyone I’ve decided to try this regimen I read about, and put my Murad on hold for a bit… There are many variations and names for it, but basically they serve the same purpose, and that is to cut out all cleansers, and acne treatment creams like BP or SA. It’s simply just washing your face by splashing water on it at the most twice a day and nothing else, but some people take it all the way and quit washing their face for days all together!

The idea is to just let your skin, which has been ravaged over the years by acne treatments, to naturally heal itself and rebuild its strength. This in turn will make your skin more tolerant to breakouts, and even out the amount of oil that your face is producing. If you have acne, and use treatments and rough cleansers does your skin get oily not even 2 hours after washing it? This is supposedly due to the fact that your face gets so dry, damaged, and irritated from all of the treatments, that your sebaceous glands have to work over-time and produce greater amounts of oil to try and get your skin back to normal.

When I first read of this I thought it was unlikely that it could work, but then I read some example of it working for people in the Army or Marines. Some of these guys that were 18-21 years old that had acne would come back home and be perfectly clear, and they explained that they didn’t have access to water or soap for days, sometimes even weeks, and that’s how they got clear! So I decided why not try it, and if it doesn’t work I have my brand new Murad kit to clear me up. So in the mornings I’ve been letting water hit my face for about 30 seconds in the shower(on the lowest pressure setting), and at night the only thing I do is apply some apple cider vinegar using a cotton pad. The vinegar serves as a very gentle toner, and will not strip the skin. It also helps the skin transition from the use of BP to SA or any other thing that you may have been using on your skin.

I started on Friday April 9th, and it has been about 5 days. My skin is doing quite well to my surprise, although I read that you’ll breakout pretty bad usually after the first week. So I’ll go into more detail later tonight after work, and also post up some pics for you all to see!


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