Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Tool...

Hey Pimple Planet -- thanks for having me as a guest blogger! I am old -- a 47 year old who has had acne issues on and off since my early teens. These days it is just an occasional zit... but they always seem to materialize at the worst possible time -- like the night before an important meeting.

Fortunately, I discovered an esthetician's secret weapon... the comedo extractor. I just refer to it as "The Tool". With minimal pressure an no collateral damage on the skin, you can empty the contents on a pesky zit in 2 seconds. There are a lot out there, but the one I use is called the FPO Double Comedo Fine Loop Extractor. I linked it so you can get one!

It is best after a warm-hot shower or after washing your face. Line up the loop, add a little pressure, and voila... a perfect extraction! Has to be one of the best $10.80 purchases I have ever made!


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