Saturday, April 24, 2010

Product Review: ZENO Hot Spot Acne Treatment

So I read about this acne device called the ZENO. I hadn’t read any really bad reviews on it, and everyone just about had something good to say about it. It claims to remove your blemishes fast, eliminates acne bacteria, and that it starts clearing your acne in 1 hour.

I decided to try it to see if it could help get rid of some of the whiteheads I get, and to help prevent new ones from forming. So I picked one up at CVS for $40, and went home to try it. The whole device is really simple; there is an on/off button, and a plastic tip that heats up and is what you put on the pimple. Also it only has 80 uses in it, so there is also an indicator light that lets you know how many more uses you have left. Each pimple needs to be individually treated for 2-1/2 minutes, and the ZENO beeps every 30 seconds, and then turns off after the 2-1/2 minutes are up. It heats up pretty fast, but it doesn’t get super hot or anything, so you don’t have to worry about burning your skin.

I tried it on 2 whiteheads I had, and a pimple I had forming under my skin, in front of my ear. The process went by pretty fast, but I couldn’t see myself doing for every pimple I had. Also the heated plastic tip is small, so it’s annoying trying to keep it on the pimple the whole time without looking in the mirror. After an hour went by absolutely nothing had changed, so I tried again a few hours later as directed, and they decreased in size a little, but nothing drastic at all. Though the back of the box says that in their studies “up to 90% of blemishes treated with ZENO disappeared or faded within 24 hours.” So before I decided if it was complete garbage or not I waited till the next day.

After about 24 hours I looked in the mirror and the whiteheads had gotten a little smaller, but whether or not it was just my skin healing naturally or the ZENO, I was disappointed.

The bottom line… I think the ZENO is a piece of junk! I could use an ice-cube on my pimples and see results 4-times as good, and it’s free! If you suffer from mild – severe acne and breakout a lot, the ZENO would be just a big money and time pit, and I wouldn’t recommend it. If you are thinking of trying it though I suggest that you try putting an ice-cube on your problem pimples and see how that helps; I guarantee that you’ll see results! Also more picture updates on my face will be going up in a couple of days, so be looking for them!


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  1. I love your point of view and seems like I’m not the only one.