Monday, May 10, 2010

Dealing With Acne Scars

Like many who have or have had acne the next part of the fight is dealing with the scars, which a lot of time can be just as bad or worse as pimples. After all a pimple can last at most a week, while scars can last years especially if you don’t use sunscreen. Now days when I look at my face I go, “Wow my acne is pretty bad!”, but when I look closer I don’t have many pimples just a bunch of dark brown and red scar spots, which in my opinion are just as bad! I am truly grateful though that my pimples are never too bad and they don’t leave indention marks in my face or anything like that. They just leave red to brown blemishes on my face which give the appearance of indentions especially in certain lightings, and they make my acne look a lot worse than it actually is. The scars on my chin are moderate and a lot of them are really old! The ones on my forehead are the ones that fade away the quickest; usually within 2-3 weeks at the most. The ones on my cheeks and temples though last forever! Especially with the caveman regimen, I definitely think it makes my scars come out a lot more because my skin isn’t being bleached out by any treatment creams or cleansers. The scarring on the sides of my face and chin will get so red and visible just like a slice of greasy cheese pizza up until I shave. I shave once a week and after that my skin and scars will look flawless for about 24 hours until they start getting their color back. My guess is just that my skin is trying to heal the scars so they get red, but I’ve been thinking about shaving twice-a-week now to see if that helps improve anything.
If you do have acne at the moment or are just left with harsh reminding scars there are a wide array of things that you do to help! These are some of the more popular and successful treatments for mild to severe acne scarring, and some of them can be pretty serious so if you’re considering doing something about your scars talk to your derm and see what would work best for you!

There is Laser Treatment

Chemical Peels


Punch Techniques

There are other things out there like creams and home remedies in which people swear by really work, while others don’t have any results at all. So if you do want to do something about your scars, but don’t want to do something like described above you can still talk to your derm and he/she should have something that you can try!

At the moment I don’t want to try any of these things because I’m about in the middle of my caveman regimen experiment and I don’t want to change anything to what I’ve been doing for the past month or so in terms of creams or treatments. One thing though that I am going to begin doing for my scars is LED Light Therapy. It was first used in space by NASA to speed up wound healing, and many people use it today for treating scars. It is used by many people today and the treatments can be given at medical spas, or your dermatologist might even do them. Lucky for me my mom has a machine, so I can use it just about whenever I can! Here is a link about LED Light Therapy if you’re interested!

I’ll keep you guys posted over the weeks and when I do caveman updates, until then do a little research and tell me what you think!

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