Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Nano Silver Cyclic Cleanser... Sounds Good!

I have been reading a number of articles about Nano Silver and its anti bacterial properties. Apparently, pure silver with a purity of 99.99% can disinfect over 650 harmful bacteria. A number of companies have taken silver in a nano form and made skin care products.  I saw the following video on YouTube about a product called Nano Silver Cyclic Cleanser and was intrigued.

I found this product at an online store called Pretty Like Me (  They have some of the Nano Silver stuff for as little as $9.99 so I am going to order it here and report back.

These are some testimonials from the Cyclic company's web site -- after reading through them, I am really anxious to try it:

Good Morning! I just have to share this with you. I've always had really manageable skin without much problem- at least, I did until 3 years ago. Perhaps it was a combination of stress, age and prescription drugs, but very suddenly my skin went crazy. There was not a square centimeter on my face that wasn't majorly inflamed with acne. This caused me a lot of suffering. I know it's appearance, I know it can be vanity, but my face was in pain and makeup to cover this problem took an hour or more to apply. I would cry every morning- I was so embarrassed and felt ashamed of myself. I've tried EVERYTHING. From birth control to prescription cleansers, natural supplements to Proactiv, for three years I have only seen a moderate improvement in my skin. It was still so prone to breakouts, so uneven in tone, so dry! Then, two days ago, I stopped in at "The Powder Room", which carries your product. The saleswoman there had such beautiful skin I wanted to run right out of there before she saw mine. She asked me what I was using and then made a recommendation of your product. Now, I was in there buying better concealer for the acne I'm still dealing with- so I thought I should try it. Especially since I don't like to overload my skin with chemicals! She told me that I should go home and try it right away and that before long, I wouldn't be able to wait to wash my face. OH MY GOSH was she right. I love this, love this, love this. In three washings, my skin looks beautiful. The acne is healing and going away, my skin tone has evened out, the dryness is gone, I look like I used to! I cannot thank you enough. The pores on my nose and cheeks have minimized into nothing. The acne that would NEVER heal and go away? You know, those spots that seem like they're getting better and then inflame again? GONE. I am so thankful. This is choking me up, writing this- my life has revolved around whether or not I'm breaking out, whether or not I can cover up... to be free of that and just not worry is such a relief. The boutique that carries your product and YOU have a customer for life. Everyone I know will be hearing about this and all the ladies in my family will be getting some as a present. Thank you for being HONEST, for actually helping us with skin conditions instead of getting our hopes up. I'll be sending you some before and after pictures, too!
Brenna H.
Bedford, OH

I have struggled with mild acne all my teenage years. My acne would get really bad if I was stressed out, and when my mom passed away my face became horrifying. Using cyclic has improved my skin majorly, my face is now clearer than it has ever been and even when I become stressed my face doesnt break out how it always used to. I get many comments about my skin now and how it is always glowing. I call cyclic my miracle bar, because really it works miracle. I couldnt live without this little "miracle" bar!! I absolutley LOVE IT!!!!
Hedie N.

I am amazed with this product! I have been struggling with acne for over 8 years. Needless it say it was having an effect on my self esteem. I tried everything- chemical peels,injections, prescription pills, topical creams and nothing worked. I had come to the realization that I would have to live with my acne then I discovered nano cyclic silver and my skin has drastically changed! It has only been a few weeks and the difference is like a dream that I've had for the past 8 years; only this time its real!
Caelie C.
St. Albert, Alberta, Canada

Thank you for the product, the silver is absolutely fantastic! i haven't tried the pink but would recommend the silver to all my friends and family. Thank You!
Linda K.
Fairfield, NJ

The first day I used it, I noticed a difference, my skin looked like it does after I get a facial, my pores clear, that is my favorite benefit the product offer.
Samantha C.
New York, NY

I have had acne my whole life. I have had smooth beam laser, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, pro-active. I've tried everything and spent so much money. None of these things worked and was a waste. I also have scars on my face. The cyclic pink cleared up my acne and improved my scars. AMAZING!
Carol A.
Yorba Linda, CA

I used cyclic pink on my face and on my psoriasis and it did wonders. Not only did my pores tighten on my face, but my psoriasis has cleared up. I'm going to try it on my hair next. Love it!

Mike G.
Yorba Linda, CA

I was turned on to this product by my friend, and am now hooked. Between the way my skin looks and the way it feels, I am having a hard time deciding what I like most! Thank you!
Holly S.

Like so many women, I've spent hundreds of dollars at the cosmetics counter looking for the right cleanser to help my skin be it's best. And it wasn't until I was given a small sample of the Cyclic Silver that I got my answers. At first, skeptical, I couldn't believe this little clear circle of product could do all it claimed- how could such a small, simple thing work where the fancy bottles and expensive brands could not? But there it was, after only a few days- clear, smooth, bright skin. Now, Cyclic Silver is my skin's best friend. Problems I had for years are virtually gone. My acne is almost nonexistent, the texture of my skin is refined and more even, and my pores are far less visible. Cyclic Silver is the best cleanser I've ever used- it not only meets all the claims, it surpasses them in every way.
Tracy M.
Veradale, WA

I'm over 50 and have had basically good skin struggled with "little red bumps" under the skin. With age a less even skin tone. Nano Cyclic Silver was recommended by a friend as the best product to use for my skin to better get the benefits from anti-aging serums and creams. I started with the trial size and before I used it up I ordered the regular size. The red bumps could have been from a bacteria or simply not getting my skin clean enough. After that bar was gone, I got lazy and went back to my regular cleanser. I was just busy with life. After a few months despite using an expensive line of high tech skin serums and creams, I realized my skin was not looking good. The only thing in my routine that was missing was "My Nano." I received my new bar last week. I can't begin to explain the difference in my skin. Whatever the claims are, this product fulfills every promise it makes. I will never run out of this again. I've learned my lesson!
Nancy B.
Whitehouse Station, NJ

I had a really bad bout with acne and hyperpigmentation from my acne. I had tried everything over the course of 3 years. Proactive left my skin burnt and so itchy and red I wanted to claw at it. I tried 5 different combinations of creams from my dermatologist ( like tazorac) which also bothered my sensitive skin. It would become dry and itchy yet pimples would emerge under the hardened scabby skin. I was so depressed I stopped going out. If I did, it took me over an hour to get all of my makeup on. I couldn't take my makeup off in front of my boyfriend either. I'm a professional dancer and need a good cleanser to remove stage makeup, protect me from aging, and help me with my acne. This cleanser cleared me up TOTALLY. It also made all my purple and red marks from the old acne spots disappear. The minor scaring I had is gone as well.I haven't had a breakout, except one or 2 minor spots, since my first week of using it almost 2 years ago. I am so thankful,grateful, blessed to have found this product. I never let myself run out! Thank you sooo much!! I first bought it at home in canada and it saved me from pursuing laser treatments prior to my competing in Miss Universe Canada in 2008. Thank you!!!
Shannon M.

Over the years I've spent a great deal of money on cleansers and facial products that usually did not live up to their claims. My hair salon started carrying Cyclic Cleanser and the salon owner, Jill, was raving about the product and insisted I try it. I was very skeptical, but decided to give it a try. It didn't take long to absolutely fall in love with the Cyclic Cleanser. My complexion has evened out and I don't have nearly as many acne breakouts. I am prone to oily skin in the summer, and that is no longer a problem. Just today my dermatologist commented on how great my skin was. Cyclic Cleanser is truly an amazing product! I just ordered Cyclic Serum today for the first time. If it works half as well as the Cleanser, I will be in heaven!!! THANK YOU Cyclic for your amazing products. You have a customer for life!
Robin H.
Round Hill, VA

My mother got me started using Nanocyclic over a year ago and I absolutely love it! I have very sensitive skin and have had no problems. I used to get occasional hormonal breakouts and now never do. It is easy to use and I also love how few ingredients it has. It is very hard for me to use most products and this has exceeded my expectations! I am definitely happy with the results!! Thank you!!
Kristen H.
Scottsdale, AZ

I absolutely love using the cyclic silver cleanser. It has made such a difference in my skin. I have less breakouts and when I do have a blemish, it goes away much quicker. My skin is smoother and softer and I have recommended this product to others who have commented on how good my skin looks. I truly do not travel without this cleanser, as I use it every day.
Daphne D.
New York, NY

This is the best skin product I have ever used in my 61 years. My skin has never looked as good as it does since I started using Nano Cyclic cleanser! Thank you.
Carolyn K.
Reno, NV

I enjoy using the Pink Nanosilver cleanser daily. I first purchased the towels at the International Beauty Show in NYC, I tried the trial size. My pores became clean and smaller and my skin tone became more even. My skin is very soft now, just as soft as those towels, hahaha. The product does last long, I don't use an exfoliant or toner, this does the job. I have purchased many many ... facial products but this one says and does it all. Thank you.
Victoria Z.
Bergenfield, NJ

I have been using Nano Cyclic soap for aprox 2 yrs now, I do not use any other product on my face. Prior to using this product I had been to the best dermatologists in my area but to no avail. Nothing worked and in most cases it made the condition worse. With this product you don't need anything else, so really it is not expensive at all. This cleanser not only has worked on my skin, but all of my friends and family as well. Anyone who will listen, I will boast about this cleanser and it's amazing effect on skin, no matter the skin type or condition. I can safely say that this product will always be in my shelf.Thank you for this amazing, amazing product!DON'T EVER STOP MAKING IT !!
T. MacKennzie

I have been using this soap for about a couple of months and I am truly satisfied. I thought soap was just soap. But after my first try, I could feel difference between normal face wash. Not only does my face feel clean, I love the way it tightens my face. Truly a feeling of freshness after every wash.
Justin C.
Cerritos, CA

I have suffered from adult acne for the past couple of years and I've tried about every product on the market. I was hesitant to try Cyclic but I promised myself I would try it out and if I didn't like it, I could always return it. After the first couple of weeks, I noticed the redness on my face reducing little by little. My face hasn't cleared up 100% (yet!) but I am encouraged by the improvement I see and look forward to using it every day. I highly encourage those who are suffering from acne to give this product a try - you have nothing to lose.
Cindy H.
San Jose, CA

I ordered the Nano Cyclic Cleanser (pink) this past summer when I was trying to find a solution to my clogged pores.  I had read about this product and was skeptical, but open minded enough to try--out of desperation!  Previously, I had tried all sorts of manual exfoliants and scrubs, but those products would only remove the superficial layers of skin.  However, the Nano Cyclic Cleanser went deeper into my pores--it is an amazingly effective cleanser + exfoliant.  Amazing because it removed so much excess skin and without irritation!  It's also an incredible shampoo, oddly enough.  I have an oily scalp with clogged pores there too...this product unclogged my facial and scalp pores with no problems!  Now, I don't have problems with clogged pores.
Angela A.
Monterey Park,CA

I have started using Cyclic nanosilver soap since two weeks after a strong recommendation from my cousin.....I can already see it working on my skin. I've had a very dull and sluggish skin and I can notice that this soap is helping me remove the dead skin and impurities. As soon as I wash my face I feel freshness. I also use the cyclic serum moisturiser, which helps me for the dryness. It sure is something that I would recommend everyone to try out.
Hina A.
Dunlap, IL

being a guy it's very hard to find skin care products. I have very sensitive skin and this stuff does a great job. It took about two weeks of regular use until the dryness stopped. I have a problem similar to rosacea. My face gets very red and burning on my cheeks and temples. Dermatology seems to think it is seborrhea or a histamine reaction. I haven't had a flare-up since starting the nano-cyclic silver for sensitive skin. Great stuff and I am telling everyone about it. Thanks.
Brian H.
Northumberland, PA

I was introduced to Nanocyclic by my colleague, Mary Schook, Beauty Engineer™, also to Karis @ Nanocyclic and the creator of Nanocyclic, I am lost for words to say that am grateful & blessed to have this product accessible to me!  Given the information, I contacted Nanocyclic in despair to request a sample of their Nanocyclic Silver after 2 years of battling cystic ance, spending mounds of money on several spa treatments at a renowned medi-spa, high-end skin care products, and at one point taking prescription drugs which only masked the problem for a moment in time.  Needless to say, I was apprehensive about spending more money on a broken promise!  Karis stood behind the product and sent me a 15g Nanocyclic Silver...within a week I noticed a difference…two weeks later the pain and cysts began to subside…3 to 4 weeks later my condition changed drastically…it is 4 months later, I simply use the Nanocyclic product as my daily regimen and to keep my skin polished…as long as Nanocyclic maintains its integrity I am a loyal customer forever!!!
Debbie C.
Dunwoody, GA

This product is absolutely amazing!! I have acne prone skin and it has made my skin clear up and smoother. Within a week of using this product, my skin not only cleared up but it is glowing!!! I have recommended this to all of my friends and they love it too!! definitely a must buy!
Susie K.

I have been using cyclic silver nano cleansing soap for 6 months. I use the soap in the morning and at night. I am 23 years old and have had mild acne on and off for about 5 years. Since I have been using the soap I really have noticed a difference in my skin. I am being truly honest! My skin is softer and less oily, and I rarely break out anymore. Plus, what I really like about the cleansing soap is the way it tingles on my skin, it's like I can feel it working. The faint fragrance is really nice too!
Ginger L.
Butler, PA

Immediately after the first use, my skin felt smoother, energized. The open pores on my nose--a long time problem--were closed and younger looking, within a week. A friend noticed that my facial skin looked firmer. My daughter, with a lifelong history of skin problems, was so impressed that she started using Nanocyclic. It was three years ago that we found this stellar product. I'm sixty-six years old and have glowing, healthy wrinkle-free skin. There has never been such a high quality product that is so economical to use as Nanocyclic.
Fran W.
Scottsdale, AZ

I have been plagued with adult acne since the age of 22. I never had it as a teenager so as an adult, none of the regular medications worked. I've searched and tried everything on the market, from creams, to make-up, to expensive skin care regimens, to Accutane, only to have the acne worsen or only decrease slightly. I was also left with pigmentation scars. Accutane worked for about 2 years but I was one of the unfortunate cases where my acne returned, and due to Accutane's harshness, I had no wish to repeat another 6-month treatment. Finally, the skin care professional at my salon told me about Cyclic Nano Silver. I tried the Pink, and it cleared my skin about 90%. I tried the Silver type cleanser, and now I am acne free. It's a wonderful feeling after over a decade of failures to finally have something that will take care of this sort of problem and not be disappointed after a few months of use. I recommend this product to anyone who asks me about my skin. This product is the best thing for skin care on the market.
Jen K
Moncks Corner, SC

I love Cyclic! I initially bought the trial size and after just a few days, I knew I had found a wonderful product! It keeps my skin clean and hydrated and I have seen a dramatic change in the overall appearance of my skin, the texture is smoother, skin tone more even! The price is also great too - I've seen similar nano-silver products retailing for about 3x more and they contain the same ingredients (I compared!) I am the "Beauty Mama" blogger for and recently gave kudos to Cyclic. I write about what I believe works and Cyclic works!
Michelle M.
Huntington, NY

I enjoy every single time when I use that miracle towel. I will defiantly make a gift to my friends on holidays. Thank you.
Elena I.
Staten Island, NY

This product is a TRUE miracle....nothing has ever changed my skin texture like this. I have given the cleaner to many family has become my NEW holiday gift...and that it is !!!!! Thank you.
Sheri F.
Bethesda, MD

Ever since I was introduce to nanocylic products I have been attached to the many wonders and benefits that it does for my skin. I could not find a product on the shelf that could compare to nanocyclic. I have dry skin and using this product has really made my skin softer and clearer. It really does what it says. Not only do I love this product but many of the people I know who has used it loves it too. Thanks for creating such an amazing product.
Ly M.
Albemarle, NC

Hi, Just love, love your Nano Silver Cleanser,I have oily skin with acne break outs. After trying so many products, your product just works to clear up the acne. I first tried the small one, my mom got it for me, and I am hooked on it , I will bring it to college in the fall and have my roommates tied it too. thanks for making such a great natural products that really works. Try it, you'll like it.
Jessica K.
Boonton, NJ

I have tried everything on the market for acne. The Nano Cyclic Silver Cleanser is the only thing that has worked for me. I have suffered with acne for over 5 years now and I am very happy to say that it is gone! Thank You!
Kimberly L.
Meadville, PA

I have had acne for 12 of my 24 years on this earth. None of the antibiotics, birth control pills, dietary changes, creams, gels, astringents, or cleansers ever cleared my skin completely. Since using cyclic, I have had the best complexion since I was a little girl. My skin is smooth and supple. It is clearer than ever (and getting clearer every day!). The best part is that there is no irritation on my sensitive skin, just a gentle tingle which is very soothing at the end a hard day. I am so pleased that my co-worker turned me on to this product. It has been a life saver when it comes to my confidence in my outward appearance. Thank you, Cyclic!
Melanie K.
Rocky River, OH

Cyclic works wonderfully as a cleanser. My skin has never been this clear, or more supple. It is one of my holy grail items and I never let any of my family members touch it! But best of all, I love using it as a shampoo. I have very fine, limp hair but this product gives me volume that no other shampoo/conditioner could match. I just simply put Cyclic onto my scalp and shampoo the rest of my hair. After about 2 minutes i rinse out the shampoo and Cyclic and put on conditioner as usual. Now I don't have to put on any additional product, I can just blow dry and go. I purchased the 15g bar to try it out and I just purchased the 120g bar. It's a great product and I can't stop raving about it!
Susan C.
Hartford, CT

I have suffered with mild to acute acne throughout my teens. I’ve tried everything from Clearasil to Neutrogena to Proactiv and Dermalogica but nothing has improved my skin as much as Cyclic’s Nano Silver cleanser. Other products would ‘seem’ like they were working at first and then my acne would reappear. Just using Cyclic 2-3x a day is so much easier than any other 3-5 piece kits I’ve ever tried. It’s been over 6 months now and my acne scars are growing lighter so that I’m able to wear less foundation. Thank you so much for restoring my confidence and allowing me to spend less time worrying about my appearance.
Lila S.
Honolulu, HI

I just got married and I want to look my best when we go out. Instead of the pain and scarring that I use to go through, my wife bought me a bar of the Cyclic and we are both still stunned at the results. It’s a good feeling to wake up in the morning and look in the mirror and feel confident about my skin.
Jae K.
West Hollywood, CA

Since I’ve been helping my parents at their restaurant I’ve started breaking out. I’m usually running around in the back with the deep fryer so I’m guessing the grease is making it worse. Soap and water didn’t help. My girlfriend bought me the Silver cleanser so I had to try it out. I’m glad that I did. I wash my face 3-4 times a day when I can; once in the morning, twice at work, and once at night. I can see my pimples getting smaller and I feel like I’m protected from getting any more. Thanks.
Will S.
Corona, CA

I normally have a very dry and itchy scalp. I started using Cyclic for my face a few months ago and really love it. The other day I found the Cyclic brochure under a pile of papers in my study, I opened it up and read that it promotes healthy hair? I wasn’t sure what that meant so I emailed customer service and they told me that I could wash my hair with it! I apply the creamy lather to my scalp, rinse it out, and apply some conditioner just to the bottom (I have shoulder length hair). Afterwards I blow dry upside down and I have super volume and less scalp irritation! Great product!
Shelly H.
Culver City, CA

I've been a faithful Pro-Activ user for the past couple of years until a friend of mine introduced me to Cyclic. She told me it contained natural ingredients and much simpler to use; so i gave it a shot. I have oily skin and I'm very acne prone, so I purchased the Silver and have been using it for about 2 months now. After the first two weeks I can see a noticeable difference and my friends can too. It has definitely evened out my skin tone and my breakouts are far and few in between. Thank you Cyclic!
Sean T.
Buena Park, CA

I have very dry, sensitive skin and I was constantly looking for an all natural cleanser that wouldn't break me out. I read about Cyclic on a blog and decided to try it out, and now I am in love! I use it for my face twice a day (my skin has definitely gotten clearer and it is much easier to take my makeup off now) and I also use it on my scalp as a shampoo. It gives me amazing volume and texture. It's a good, honest product that really works and I’m so glad to have it in my life.
Sharon K.
Seoul, South Korea

I've never been one to really look after my skin but my sister insisted that I try this product. After a couple of weeks of consistent use my skin looks clearer and because I see improvements almost daily I can't get enough of it. Even if you don't suffer from acne it's a great product to use because it is safe and natural and has many uses.
Robin K.
Cerritos, CA

I cannot believe how great my skin feels. After trying everything on the shelves and spending hundreds of bucks, I’m SO glad I found something that works. All my acne has cleared up and my skin has never felt this soft. What a fantastic feeling for me, a sufferer of acne for almost 8 years of my life, to be able to finally have clear skin. Thank you!
Julie K.
Santa Monica, CA

I hope this testimonial can convince you people out there how great this product is. It really is the best kept secret in skincare. I love using it on my feet and elbow to get all that dead tough skin out. But of course the real change has been in my face. I’m clearer, brighter, shinier, and happier with this skin! Thank you so much for making me smile when I look in the mirror in the morning.
Nancy H.
New Orleans, LA

I used a bunch of different stuff to try and get rid of my acne. I played on the football team in high school ad with the sweat, sun, and dirt everywhere.. my face just got wrecked. Haven’t found anything to help me recover until Cyclic. My girlfriend got me the silver bar and after 2 weeks of feeling silly for using what I thought was a woman’s product (it’s not!), my skin has never looked better. Guys don’t be afraid!
Drew R.
Baton Rouge, LA

Wow… I don’t know how a product can be this good. I used it on my face and neck at first, and after the age spots started to even out and my dark circles around my eyes were gone, I was so happy. Then I heard about how Cyclic can help with calluses too. I tried it on my feet and the calluses disappeared too! I was shocked that the same product could clear up my age spots AND melt away my calluses. How did you guys do it??
Eunice C.
Potomac, MD

I’m not really one for posting on forums but after trying Cyclic, I’m convinced it’s the BEST PRODUCT OUT THERE TODAY. My skin is extra dry so I tried the pink bar. At first I felt like my skin was getting more dry until I realized that Cyclic was starting to really clean up my face. After about two weeks, my face stopped being dry altogether. Cyclic not only cleared up my skin, but changed it completely.
Anna W.
Seattle, WA

As a long time sufferer of psoriasis, I’m so glad that I found Cyclic. Cyclic silver didn’t just cover up the redness and itching, it got rid of it.
I don’t have any more breakouts and the cracked skin I had before is just as smooth as the rest of my skin.

This product is a miracle and I’m glad it’s available for everyone.
Janice D.
Vancouver, BC

“If Nano Cyclic soap does half of what it claims than it’s some kind of miracle product. It fights dandruff, psoriasis, acne, athlete’s foot, and can be used on diaper rash or to soften calluses. Holy crap, does it make breakfast in the morning too? Because I would buy it in bulk if it did ;)

After two weeks use I can honestly say I have seen a difference in my skin tone. I have a much more even tone, with less blotchiness. It appears clearer and smoother, and while I still have blemishes they don’t have the glaring red coloration they used to. I’m surprised at the difference an even skin tone provides. I use less foundation and powder, and concealer can be used only on individual blemishes and those under eye circles that recently moved in.”

I just want you to know that the nano cyclic is a miracle worker. My hair was thinning so bad that I was getting embarassed about it...My hair dresser heard about nano cyclic from her supply person and ordered a bar for me and started using it every week..She would wash my hair with regular shampoo, rinse it out..and then use the nano cyclic..leave it on for 4 or 5 minutes and rinse it out..Every week she would check my scalp and in a years hair had completely grown. I now have a full head of hair and I am so thankful for your product..Thank you, Thank you, Thank you...
Yours truly, Gretchen Weaver
Fairmont, West VA

I have sensitive skin and have never been able to do the dishes with my bare hands because I would get these small water blisters. Because of this I would wear two pairs of gloves – one cotton, under traditional rubber gloves – to do the dishes. After a few months of using Cyclic, I can do the dishes without wearing the gloves! I guess when I lather the soap to apply it to my face the cleanser also protest and nourishes my hands with – ingredients. It’s amazing!
Catherine M.
Garden City, New York

My lips are cracked and dry 365 days of the year. Nothing has ever worked to heal my chapped lips. I even have scars from peeling. Sometimes they would get so dry I would have to coat them with Vaseline for some relief. After using Cyclic for just 2 months, twice a day, I realize that I’m not reaching for the Vaseline anymore! The scar on my bottom lip has also gotten lighter! Thank you Cyclic!
Chloe S.
Westport, Connecticut

I am working mom with two baby boys, one is age 2 and the other is age 4. My 2 year old has had a problem with diaper rash and my 4 year old a problem with sun rash. I have learned that daycare facilities aren’t very good at diaper changing. If they don’t wipe my baby well, the area between his butt cheeks is peeling and bleeding by the end of the day. Diaper rash creams didn’t work so I tired Cyclic. I washed him with Cyclic, dried him off, and applied the Cyclic bar directly onto his diaper rash (right between the cheeks) before I change his diaper. It was stingy and he was irritated for a few minutes but he played well after. The next morning the rash calmed down! Even though I am a working mother just one application of Cyclic per night calmed his diaper rash. Thank you so much!

When my 4 year old plays outside he often comes home with a sun rash on the nape of his neck. I applied Cycilc to the rash to find that it was effective in reducing the irritation. Now, every morning we wash and rinse his neck with Cyclic before he goes to school and he doesn’t come home with rashes anymore.
Emily R.
Summit, New Jersey

All I can say is THANK YOU! I suffered adult acne for three years and tried absolutely everything out there. I almost didn't try Cyclic because it would be 'just another cure destined to live under my bathroom sink'. After using Cyclic Silver for three weeks, the difference in my skin was amazing, my acne was gone and I have not had a blemish since (7 months later). I've since sold my Mom and my best friend on your product and they too love it. My skin is now silky soft and I don't have to hide behind foundation any more. Thank you for this wonderful product and it is now the only cleanser I use on my face. Simply amazing. Have I said thank you???
BC, Canada

I have been using the Cyclic cleanser for a little over a year now, and can't imagine ever using anything else! My face has never felt so clean. I suffer from adult acne and this cleanser has been a life-saver! My face is so clear now, and I no longer have to take antibiotics to keep the acne at bay. My skin tone is more even now, and much smoother. I have given this cleanser as gifts to several of my friends, who are also now hooked! I also use the towels, and they are wonderful as well!
Julie Healey
Birmingham, AL

I've always had decent skin and i would get breakouts here and there but as i got older and stressed more my breakouts were more frequent and i began to get more blackheads. I tried many different promising products but nothing seemed to cure my acne. After being introduced to this product by a friend my skins has been better than ever! My skin tone evened out and i always get complimented how great my skin is and now i've fully grown the confidence to model! Thank you Cyclic! You have changed my life!
Cerly, Lee
Cerritos, CA

I was introduced to Cyclic by my sister and her friend. When I first heard about it I thought it was more of an acne treatment product so I was hesitant in using the products since I didn’t really have an acne problem. But after hearing it helps with other things from my sister I decided to try it out and bought the Pink travel size bar. After about a week I notice that my skin was a lot smoother and softer than usual. And best of all my wrinkles started to fade away!! I also started to use it on my calluses on my feet and now they are so soft and smooth. That is why I think this product is so great. It can be use for so many different things that it is well worth the money. There is not a day I don’t use it and I love it.
Jeannie Cho
Fullerton, CA

I have been using nano cyclic for about a year and a half now and absolutely love what it has done for my face.  Twenty-five years of moderate acne and eight years of the additional grief due to melasma have all but disappeared after about a year of continuous use of the nano cylic soap to the point where I refuse to use anything else on my face.  So if it doesn't come, I'm going to be in quite a quandary!  I tell everyone I know about it... sometimes even strangers who look like they could benefit from your product.  It's quite an amazing product, so thank you for giving people so much more than just a product.  You've restored my self-confidence.
Laurie O’Conner

This product is incredible. I have mild Rosacea and it has evened out my face tone and my face feels young and supple.
Jenny, Lim.
New York, NY

I have had a problem with acne for the last year. Since I have started using nanocyclic for the past 5 months I have seen a real difference in my skin.
Terrie, Weckbacher.
Louisville, OH

I purchased Nano Cyclic recently and my skin has never looked so radiant. I recommend Nano to all of my friends and family.
Preston, Ephraim
Washington, DC

I love this product! As someone who has suffered from adult acne all of her adult life, this product has been a life-saver. My face feels cleaner, looks more even toned, and breaks out less than before. I also use the towels and have to say they are wonderful! I have them in my gym bag and by the sink and they do a wonderful job of absorbing water and cleaning. Good work, Nanocyclic!
Heather, Edick
Northampton, PA

I have just recently started using Cyclic cleanser, and want to say it is the most amazing skincare product I have ever used. My skin looks and feels wonderful. I have gotten more compliments on my skin than ever before, and everyone is asking what is my secret. Before I tried Cyclic cleanser my bathroom was stocked full of about 20 different skin care lines that did nothing for me. Thank you for your remarkable and innovative product that has definitely given me a new found confidence.
Maggie, Surplus
Calgary, Alberta, Canada quite possibly the best thing I have ever used! I saw results in about 2 weeks, and my face was pretty much 100% clear in about 3 weeks.
Meaghan Bob Joe
New Rochelle, NY

"Hi, I certainly have bought a lot of your product. I have a horrible thing where I get huge cysts. Using the silver soap has been the only thing that really helps and I have had to take way less doses of antibiotics, which is great. My doctor has told me to obviously keep using it and that he would tell folks with similar conditions how well it works for me. I generaly use one of the large bars of the silver every month. The only problem I have is it's quite expensive(but so worth it) as I am disabled on a very limited income Hope you keep making it as it's really the best thing ever for this condition of mine. You don't sell it in quantity for less do you? I really don't ever want to run out...."
Peter Smolenski
Northampton, MA

I am a Nano cyclic addict.  To this day, I cannot believe my face looks the way it does. I thought that I was going to be stuck with acne for the rest of my life because I had tried EVERYTHING that was until this past christmas.  My mother gave my three brothers and sisters and I Nano for our Stocking presents.  At first, I was I had no idea what it was and when my mom just told me to try it.  In my mind, I thought well this won't work cause nothing else has, but I tried it anyway-it wouldn't hurt. Well, let me say, the first time I washed my face with your product- I felt for the FIRST time in my life--that all the dirt and impurities washed away. I was immediately amazed.  Then, it didn't take me long t realize that this product is no joke. It is a pure miracle.  I canNOT live without it-if i dont wash my face with it for a day or two-i get a pimple or two. I am thankful everyday that I was introduced to your products.
Jackie Segedin
West Palm Beach, FL

I have been using this product for just over a week and I am already seeing the benefits of this “Miracle” Cleanser. For the past several months I have been fighting acne. This is a battle I have never fought before and truly caught me off guard. I have decided to blame a stressful life for the matter because I take very good care of my skin. My skin was getting so bad that for the first time in my life I could see clogged pores all along my nose and cheeks. It was truly DISGUSTING! While out with my friend last Saturday we stopped at a Beauty Supply Store. My own little Heaven on earth! My friend has a problem with calluses on her feet and asked the sales associate what was the best product for that, I too suffer from this little problem as well. She showed us the Cyclic Cleansing Bar. I instantly bought it. I get this little super bar home and began to read the instructions. It fights EVERYTHING. I think the answer to world peace is inside this bar somewhere. For the past week I have used this bar over my entire body. My acne is clearing up, my pores are clear, my feet are becoming super soft (first time ever!) and my hair is soft and shiny. I am in love. I hope it is a publically traded company because I want stock!
Chrissy Dolezal


I purchased the small size sample of the Nano Silver Cleanser.   I love it! I want to continue to use it …  I want to tell all my friends and family about it.  It is an amazing product.

Beverly B.
Denver, Colorado

I’ve been aware of the benefits of silver for many years.  Recently I ran into your product ... I tried your product on cysts that form on body from time to time.  The results were absolutely amazing!!!  I feel so strongly about your product I can't wait to share it with family, friends and anyone and everyone who could benefit from it's amazing benefits.  … I can help spread the word about what a wonderful, product this is.  I would be so excited to … share with anyone willing to try it.

Lisa R.
Scottsdale Arizona

I've been getting nothing but positive responses regarding the cleanser that you left samples of. … Interesting that several of the girls in the office has been begging me for a week to get her more of the pink version. I guess this demonstrates that women will pay the price if it works. … if you can send me some more samples of Cyclic, that would go a long way in getting some of the ladies in the office off my back.
Bob C.
V.P. Marketing & Purchasing
… Enterprises

I just started using your cyclic cleanser and absolutely love it.  I can't thank you enough. … Thanks for such a great product.  I am 46 with acne, hard to believe, and this soap has helped the first time I used it.

Donna D.

Hi, I just wanted to write you a short note to tell you how much I love your products!  I've been using them for about a month ordering the smaller sizes for my daughter and I.  She uses the silver and I use the pink.  Our skin has different issues but your product has produced amazing results.  Our skin looks so great that my neighbor just ordered two small bars and my daughter is telling all her friends in school because no one can believe how clear her acne prone, teenage skin is right now! prepared for more orders!

Thank you again!



I don't often do this, but I really wanted to send you a testimonial to post on your website. I have been using the nano soap for two evenings (I was very careful to follow your helpful directions) as I had a large hormonal pimple erupt on my cheek at the worst of all possible times.  I am so pale--that it normally takes weeks/even months for these to fade on their own.  Well, to my great surprise, after two nights of using your soap, my skin is perfectly clear!  No scar, no red mark, no nothing!!  At first I thought it was imagination .. but no...I checked the mirror very carefully... your cleanser is a miracle.  Than you so much for creating this product.  My full-size order is forthcoming!  Plus, not only is your product superb, but my order arrived in record time.  A first-class experience from start to finish!

D. L.
Washington, DC

 Good morning,
… I love it !  The texture of my skin is much improved and the constant break-outs have all but disappeared.  My pores even appear smaller! I work with entertainers always looking for a better product and I believe we've found it in Nano Silver!

Thank you for your amazing products and impeccable customer service.

Linda F.
Long Beach, CA

Hello, I am loving your product so much.that I posted a review on one of my favorite forums!I wanted to send you a copy as well:

I am so in love with this product that I had to write. I contracted a nasty bout of food poisoning which wreaked havoc on my skin--especially in the lower cheek area. When you're as pale (think ashen!) as I am, this is the worst as those red spots usually take decades to fade. Well, I started to do my trusty Internet research and I came across this product called Cyclic. It had received raves from many and assorted sites. I started with a small sample. You wet your face slightly, and then create a cream by rubbing for a few seconds in your wet hands, then you apply the cream and wait for 6 minutes. It does tingle a bit at first. When you wash off the cream, your skin looks and feels amazing. I ordered the Nano Silver Pink (which has more collagen) as I don't have oily skin. Almost overnight, the red marks faded (this has never happened to me!) and my pores looked clean and tight. I don't think it has much effect on wrinkles, but overall I have been 100% thrilled with the results. The ingredients are: Nano silver 99.99%, purified collagen, Silica, Chitosan, Sericin, Aloe, Vitamins A, E & D. When you receive your sample, it will look quite small (like a mini-bar of glycerine soap), but due to the way that you use it, the sample lasted 3-4 weeks.

My Mom (knowing that I'm a product junkie) just asked me for a recommendation for a 16 year old cousin that has severe cystic acne. I am going to buy her the silver version (which is designed for acne) and I will report back later on the results.

Deb L.
Washington, D.C. 20009


My experience with Cyclic has been truly amazing.  I have oily/acne prone skin which happens to be terribly sensitive.  From the first time I used your product I could tell it was different from every other product.  Within days of use my skin was becoming clearer, smoother, and brighter.  My huge pores on my nose were shrinking and my skin just started looking more vibrant.  I just cannot believe that my results could be achieved by a cleanser.  Now I don't have to waste a fortune on acne products that do not work when this product does the job.

I just wanted to let you know that my son gave me a bar of the pink nano silver cleanser, and I really like the results that I have seen!   I am not well, and have not been for some time, and from the medications that I have had to use along with the tremendous exhaustion that you can feel when not well, I could see it in my skin!  I have always looked much younger than my age, and at 49 years old, I felt that my skin was looking dull and lifeless.  But since using the nano cleanser, I really have seen an improvement in my complexion.  It is glowing again!!!!  So thank you for this wonderful product! … Thank you, take care and God bless.
Sandra A.

I first would like to say that for months on end I had (adult) acne and tried just about every product on the shelf...then I was off to the dermatologist and tried prescriptions, expensive cleansers, toners, name it.  After months of no success, my cousin referred me to Cyclic Nano Silver cleanser. We are both licensed NY State Cosmetologists and are able to get it at the Beauty Supply Place. Reluctantly, I picked up a bar figuring I'd get no results like the rest of the products and promises. Within one week, I have extreme improvement in my the point that people were asking me what I use on my skin that makes it look so radiant, so clear. I have to say that this is by far THE best I have ever used and I am dedicated to using it forever, and on top of it's natural!

Paula M.


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