Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Healthy Diet and Acne

So today after work I went to the grocery store, and it made me think more about foods and how they relate to acne. I know that some people say that acne has nothing to do with diet or what you eat, and that it is all about dirt and germs on the surface of the skin. Others though think that acne is caused by an internal problem in the body that is caused by a bad diet or toxins in your system. I think it is a little of both, but from all of my experience with acne I think that it mostly has to do with internal problems in the body (although everyone has different types of acne). I think that one of the major causes of my acne had to with puberty and the raging hormones inside the body. Now days my hormones have calmed down a lot so I don’t experience a ton of breakouts, but my skin is full of scar blemishes left behind from over the years. I do also believe that food and diet play a big part in acne too. I remember reading someone’s blog and he had a theory that eating foods can cause acne, but to a certain extent. He believes that you can eat whatever you want, but that everyone has an imaginary line and once you cross it then you will breakout. Everyone is different for example one guy might be able to eat a whole pizza before he breaks out within the next few days, while one guy can eat a couple of pieces or even just one piece and breakout. So it’s important to try and pay attention as much as possible to what foods and the amount of them will make you breakout after eating them. It might take some time figuring out exactly what foods make you breakout, but in the long-run it can really help you out in the future. Besides you should stay away from foods like pizza, or fast-food, or hamburgers etc. anyways, or at least do not eat them all the time. I found this article from http://ezinearticles.com/?5-Healthy-Foods-That-Help-Cure-Acne&id=994885
,and it has some good tips and pointers to get you going in the right direction, here it is -

"A healthy diet is needed for those suffering from both mild and moderate acne. It plays a big part in the condition of the skin and usually when a soft drink or other foods high in sugar are consumed a breakout is inevitable.

Here is some advice on the best healthy food for your skin:

1. Vegetables. Very good, leads to less acne and a nice complexion. Also high in antioxidants.

2. Fruit. Even though high in sugar, it has vitamins which help the skin recover from problems.

3. White Meat. Chicken has proven to be very helpful in overcoming conditions such as dry skin.

4. Tuna. High in Omega three and any other fish is in the same category. The omega three and natural fish oil help the skin build immunity against problems and infections.

5. Salad. Even though this may be in the vegetable range. A salad includes all different types of vegetables and allows the skins pores to open up and be clean.

Good Drinks to help cure acne :

1. Water. By staying to a water diet, you will notice immediate improvement in your acne.

Bad Foods which aggravate acne :

1. Chocolate. Very high in sugar.

2. Soft Drink. High levels of sugar and caffeine trigger breakouts and irritation.

Even though a lot of doctors say diet is not related to acne. For most people suffering from mild or moderate acne it very much is, not so much those people with severe acne though. A water diet with a lot of vegetables will help cure any disease of the skin."

Also I have heard people get pretty good results when they take vitamins and supplements that are good for the skin, and supplements that detoxify the body which will help flush out any bacteria you may have that’s causing your acne. I’ll go more into vitamins and which ones are good for clearing acne tomorrow, so until then tell me what you think, your feedback is always appreciated!


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  1. A healthy diet can help prevent and treat acne. Specifically, foods rich in the following nutrients are linked to lower levels of acne: complex carbohydrates, zinc, vitamins A and E, omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants.