Saturday, May 1, 2010

Tazorac, Duac, and Solodyn Product Review

The reason for me reviewing all three of these products at once is because I was using them all at during the same time. About a year ago during my senior year when my acne was at its ultimate worst I decided to see a dermatologist. I basically told her that I had tried everything except Accutane but nothing had worked. So she prescribed me all three of these products and told me to apply the Duac in the morning after I shower along with one Solodyn after breakfast, and then apply the Tazorac after washing my face before bed. She explained that these products are very strong and should be treated that way, and that they are the last step that someone usually takes before going on Accutane. She also explained to use the creams in very little amounts, and that it was important to always wash your hands right after. Lastly she said it is extremely important to try and avoid sunlight as much as possible and always use sunscreen when you are going to be in the sun.

Before I go on I just want to say that this regimen has been the only thing to completely clear up my skin whenever I was using it! Now the Tazorac and Duac are strong creams, and the Solodyn is an oral supplement that kills acne causing bacteria inside the body. The Duac kills all the bacteria and acne on the surface of the skin, while the Tazorac penetrates and goes into the pores to kill and prevent acne causing bacteria. Here are some links that go more into detail about each individual product:




Once you pick up your prescriptions the Tazorac should come with a Cream 10% Benzoyl Peroxide Wash which works really well but dries your face up like no other, so it’s important to ask your dermatologists about a good moisturizer! Both the Tazorac and Duac also come with a gentle cleanser which is pretty much the same as Cetaphil, but still comes in handy when your face needs a little break.

My personal experience on this regimen was really good! The first couple of weeks to a month are pretty rough though; my face was super sensitive, dry, easily irritated, and a little flush or pretty red on some days. My skin was so sensitive on this regimen that if anything barley touched my face the area would light up like a cherry! The thing that set this regimen apart from others was that, I was beginning to see results from the 3rd week all the way up until I was completely clear about 2-1/2 - 3 months later! The process was slow, but sure enough every week I was seeing slight improvement, and from having super bad acne to none at all 3 months was nothing! I was finally able to walk with my head in the air and not be scared! I had a new sense of self-worth and confidence! Though whenever I tried to stop using the products I would begin to breakout again only after a couple of days, so I continued using them until I was out and had to see my derm again. I told her that I tried to stop, but would breakout so she said that I would have to try Accutane then! I told her that I was totally against Accutane, and that I just wanted another prescription. She agreed to one more, but that was it because it’s not good to be on anti-biotics for more than a couple of months as there can be some bad side-effects. So I used it all up and tried things like using the creams every other day and taking the Solodyn every other day to try and make it last, but when it was gone my acne started coming back. I guess that it’s just because of my age, and it’s inevitable that I’m going to have acne until I just grow out of it. I definitely definitely recommend that you go to your dermatologist and ask them about these products, and see what you can work out! Also one big mistake I made was not caring to wash my hands after I used the creams, and I would touch and rub my eyes without realizing it. I started to have eye problems but I didn’t know why until I went to play laser tag one day and I looked in the mirror in this black lighted room and my eyes were straight neon yellow! I then realized that whenever I was picking an eyelash out of my eye I was getting all of those harsh creams in my eyes, and I still don’t think they’re better to this day!

Last but not least some final pros and cons!


• It works! (for me that’s all that matters)

• Started seeing results fairly quickly!

• Gives you confidence!

• The Duac and Tazorac last a pretty long time!


• Pricey, around $120 dollars for all three!

• Dryness and flaking occur; the flakiness goes away, but not the dryness unless you use a moisturizer every day.

• Being in the sun for 30 seconds feels like your cooking your face in an oven.

• Face becomes extremely oily throughout the day. (My friends would sometimes joke that my face was literally dripping!)

• Redness and flushness can occur at anytime from just about the littlest things.

• Solodyn has many possible side-effects one of which is depression, which I think I might have felt when using it.

Hope you guys enjoyed, and if you decide to try it tell me about it!


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