Sunday, May 16, 2010

Weightlifting and Acne

So I’ve been researching some and so far I can’t really find any solid evidence that there is a link between the two. I’ve been reading that weightlifting will deplete vitamin B in body causing acne. I also read that weightlifting raises the amount of hormones and testosterone being produced in the body causing more oil to be produced and causing acne especially if you already have acne prone skin.  This is what I think it could be because when I’m weightlifting my skin feels gross like it’s almost slimy in a way from the dead skin, oil, and sweat all on my face. I also researched if supplements like protein powder, creatine, etc. could cause acne, and again there was no direct link that could connect them to acne. There are people who say that the ingredients in some of these supplements could make you breakout, while others say that they don’t notice any changes to their skin when they take these supps.

I think that it all relates back to the blog about food and acne, and that everyone has their limit of what kinds of foods and how much of them they can eat before breaking out (here is the link to that blog if you’ve not read it: I for one notice that when I was taking a creatine mixture for the first time I was breaking out like crazy, and not only were they just pimples; they were big, inflamed, and embedded pimples that hurt like crazy! I then looked at the ingredients of the powder and it was full of huge amounts of sugar, caffeine, and tons of other things that I’m sure are horrible for your skin if you have acne! So I moved to just plain creatine monohydrate, which is just straight creatine powder and nothing else, and the breakouts subsided a little, but I was still getting some big under-the-skin pimples often.
I found this article from:
 It made me feel a little better and let me know that I'm not alone...
"Many bodybuilders suffer from acne. Whether it's due to age, high testosterone levels, the hours of sweating at the gym, or cycling, it's a reality of the sport. The body reacts to androgens and acne is the result. (HCG and Clomid are big offenders.)

Since the purpose of bodybuilding is to make the body look bigger, leaner, and BETTER, a case of bad acne can detract tremendously from a physique. Here are a few techniques that can be used to help stop the pimples from raining on your parade.

- Take frequent showers

- Tan one to two times per week

- Change your shirt frequently - even during long workouts or before engaging in cardio

- Hot shower and Clearasil Soap Scrub immediately after training

- Wash bed sheets once per week

- Locate a DHT (Dihydrotestoreone) blocker or more scientifically called a 5-alpha-reductase inhibitor; a natural and well affordable one would be Saw Palmetto, which would also protect your prostate as well...and the more pharmaceutical ones such as Dutasteride- more potent with attendant side effects

- Accutane - a popular mainstream product to look into

- Drink 8 to 16 cups of water per day

- Use lava soap on broken out skin

- Avoid picking at any pimples - the oil on your finger leads to more breakouts.

- Sometimes acne is actually ingrown hairs. An unpleasant but necessary step might be popping them and removing the hair with tweezers.

While it is never a fun or "sexy" discussion, acne affects everyone from teenage newbies to the iron game, all the way up to top professional bodybuilders. Since our skin is effectively the "wrapping paper" for the muscles which make up a great physique, it's imperative that we work as hard on making the skin look good, as we do on the muscles beneath."

So even though I’m positive that weightlifting and the protein powder that I take are one of the causes of my acne I still do it because I love weightlifting that much! It’s like a trade-off that I’m happy to make, and I won’t give it up for anything.

Have you had any of the same problems or experiences? If so let me know because we could just be able to pin-point exactly what it is!

Have a good one!


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  1. It's true that there are a lot of ways exercise benefits your skin, but the act of working out can cause acne.