Monday, May 31, 2010

Accutane Review: Update Week 1

Thought I’d give a little update on the Tane so far. Today I took my 6th pill and of course no drastic changes yet, but besides several new pimples coming up around my chin my skin is looking a little better. Maybe it’s just the placebo effect, but to me it seems that a lot of the redness and oiliness on my face is decreasing slowly but surely day by day. As for dryness goes I do see a significant difference of dryness in my scalp now, like my hair would be pretty oily in the morning just before taking a shower, but now it’s not at all! As for the face and lips like I said my face is slowly drying up and my pores are getting smaller with each day. My lips do get dry if I don’t put a little chap stick on them in the morning, but all in all nothing serious yet and no major peeling or cracking yet, which is probably because of 2 reasons: 1) I’m on a low dose of 20mg, or 2) It’s only been 5-6 days. I’ve also worked out hard 3 times since starting and I haven’t experienced any joint or back pain. Last but not least is the initial breakout which many people can experience. As for this I have had a couple of new pimples come up just about every other day, but they dry up and go away fast within a day. Now whether this is the start of the initial breakout or not I think it is too early to say, but if it is the initial breakout then I’ll be glad because it’s not anything bad at all!

OH my! I hope that this DOES NOT happen to me! This is just absoulutly nuts!


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